Smart life of modern cities

Huawei will help turn Duisburg into an exemplary smart city. Perm and Oxford both agree that technology is the future that has already arrived.

Duisburg is to be transformed into an exemplary “smart city”. To do this the city hall has signed an agreement with the Chinese company Huawei Enterprise Business Group. “New technology is the key to solve the issues of the future. We want to use the possibilities of the digital transformation to increase the quality of life in the city and to forward the economic growth», — said Sören Link, the mayor of Duisburg.

Huawei plan to build a “Centre of joint innovations”, technology developed there will be introduced into the city’s infrastructure. The plans include expanding the city’s local computer network and adding local zoo and the public transport system to it. In education the emphasis will be made on “smart classrooms” with Wi-Fi and broadband Internet at schools.

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The Perm government is also trying to keep up with the times, so they announced the start of the “Smart city” project.  Unlike Duisburg planning, Perm decided to start with the security systems’ upgrade. Schools and kindergartens of one of the city’s districts have installed CCTV, security alarm and access systems, etc. in a pilot mode.

There are also two projects implemented by the Russian company Er-Telecom. One of the projects “Smart block” will allow to improve house maintenance and the distribution network. As a part of the other project, “Smart light”, LED lights are installed. Soon the public lighting poles will have CCTV and Wi-Fi routers. Initial results show a 40% power economy. At the moment the project is implemented in several central streets in Perm, soon the area will expand. Potential budget savings are estimated to be several billiard roubles a year, recoupment is estimated to take up to two years.

In Oxford (which, by the way, takes up 11 place among the British cities in Smart City Index 2017 rating) a programme “Smart power networks” is running, where modern lamps are installed. It is planned to create a smart public lighting system, as well as to implement methods of traffic control and infrastructure networks. All these measures are aimed at at increasing the quality of life in Duisburg and make it even more attractive for the city dwellers, and for investors and entrepreneurs. “We are happy that Huawei’s digital transformation experience will help turn Duisburg into a truly “smart city”, positively says Huawei Enterprise Business Group’s commercial director Wang Yonggang.

Oxfordshire county service manager Llewelyn Morgan and minister of information technology and communication of Perm krai Igor Nikitin both agree that the participants of the “digital revolution” need to develop their ideas jointly, exchange results, since that is for the benefit of everyone.