Perm students asked British experts about Brexit

In Perm State University two lectures devoted to the actual politics in the United Kingdom were held. Karen Hewitt, the professor of the University of Oxford highlighted general tendencies of British politics, and Olga Khruscheva, the lecturer from  Manchester Metropolitan University focused on the problem of Brexit.

As a matter of fact, in 2016 a referendum in Great Britain showed that 51.9% of people voted to leave the European Union. The experts think the ruling elite and the whole country didn’t expect that result. And it’s not a surprise that then David Cameron resigned the office of Prime Minister after six years of occupying it.

As far as even the current Prime Minister, when asked about the Brexit, says ‘Brexit means Brexit’, the lecturers tried to speak about the future, although, there was no any specific forecast. Answering the question ‘What is going to happen with Great Britain and the EU?’ Olga Khruscheva said briefly ‘Uncertainty’. And that word was used often.

In the opinion of the British people, the country is going through the hardest political crisis. It is compared by its influence with the English Civil War. In this situation each forecast is “thankless”, as Karen Hewitt noticed.

Perm students asked questions about the political system of the UK, multicultural British society and relations with Russia.