April Cleaning

Cities are organizing Saturday cleaning days. Citizens are not just cleaning streets but they also help people in need. A spring tradition of the city Saturday Cleaning Day exists in many countries. Perm, Amnéville, Louisville – all these cities conduct such cleanings.

In Amnéville a local Youth Council became the initiator of the event. In cooperation with the municipality, activists call citizens to take part in the cleaning of the city centre and its vicinities. The event will become a specific appeal for ecological responsibility: councillors worked out ideology and a program of actions, consulted with officials of appropriate services, discussed the most actual problems with contractors. With the supporting of a social links service, the organizers of the event designed posters and leaflets for outer advertisement which are spread.

The goal of the event is to pay attention of the citizens to daily domestic micro-wastes and change the habitual behavior of people. Members of the Youth Council calculated that the volume of works of municipal road services, which clean the roads, could be decreased twice if each citizen at least once a day throws out his little rubbish into a dustbin.

The cleaning of the city is scheduled for 28 April. All the people willing to take part are meeting in the city centre and then they’ll get instructions, maps of the cleaning areas and special inventory. The task of the day – to remove usual ‘urban’ garbage (also cigarette butts, plastic, paper) as more as people can do. All wastes will be gathered into a big transparent container which will be set up on the central city square. The organizers of the event are sure that the container can help the citizens to understand how much garbage is collected when they throw away their micro-wastes on a sidewalk or lawn instead of using dustbins.

In Perm a massive Saturday cleaning day has already been held. On 20 April active Perm citizens took part in cleaning their yards, city parks and squares, small rivers valleys. Staff from educational and medical institutions, industrial companies, organizations, the City Administration and the regional government.

Also the city is cleaned after a long winter by contractor organizations: roadside zones and bus stations have been cleaned up, road fencings have been repainted. Small sculptures and road signs have been put in order.

In a day of cleaning the City Administration staff, in cooperation with the city mayor Dmitry Samoylov, took part in cleansing of the Kama riverside, “Skver Kuptsov Gribushinykh” Park, Komsomolskiy prospekt street and the area along “Zavod Imeny Shpaghina” District. The government of Perm Krai participated in cleaning the esplanade, “Skver Uralskykh Dobrovoltsev” Park and the theatre square. ‘I want to thank each citizen of Perm who participated in the event and contributed to the landscaping of the hometown, made it cleaner and more comfortable’ – noticed the mayor Dmitry Samoylov.

In Louisville there is an annual week of volunteers. All willing citizens take a part in the action Mayor’s Give a Day which is held by the local municipality.

The volunteers cleanse streets and parks, gather products, repair the houses of people who need it, gather packs with things for charity. Although these good things are happening during the whole year, the attention to these events is getting higher at this week. In 2019 there are some points in plans of Mayor’s Give a Day: gathering of little beds and linen for kids in need, city cleaning, school and university charity fairs, planting trees in parks. A week statistics says there were more than 235 thousand acts of volunteering. For example, about 17 thousand volunteers joined a spring cleaning of the city, 700 students of Barret Middle School made more than 3,000 burritos for breakfast which will be brought to the homeless.

As mayor Greg Fisher says on the official municipality website ‘I’m always inspired when I see how citizens can unite. Sure, compassion in our city will be a value not only for a week but also for a year’.