Qingdao was entered to the list of ten most attractive Chinese cities for the eighth year in a row for foreigners looking for work

On April 14, the 17th Conference on international exchange of specialists (CIEP) was held in Shenzhen (a city in the South China province of Guangdong). The event was attended by about 4,000 institutions and organizations from more than 50 countries and regions, as well as 40,000 government representatives, experts and interested applicants. About 1500 enterprises presented 30 thousand jobs at job fairs.

Every year, the conference draws up a rating of the most attractive Chinese cities for foreign workers. The jury of the Commission includes foreign experts of the labor market, including Nobel prize winners.

For the eighth time, Qingdao is in the top ten cities of China, which indicates the openness and modernity of the metropolis, as well as the optimization of the urban environment to attract talented foreign personnel. Qingdao built the first national demonstration zone to attract foreign workers in Northern China.

Now about eight thousand foreigners work in Qingdao, among which 12 specialists won the friendship Award from the Chinese Government, 42 received the Qilu friendship award from the regional authorities of Shandong province, three received the International prize of cooperation in science and technology, and another 15 were chosen by the Qingdao government as invited experts.

Photo: facebook.com/qingdaocity/