The project of modernization of bus shelters was completed in Amneville

In the October of last year the municipality set the task of modernization and unification of city streets as part of the program to improve the quality of life. A separate area of work was the creation of new safe bus stops for users of public transport.

After results of the city competition the production company GIROMEDIAS was chosen. It received a ten-year contract for the provision, installation, operation, maintenance and insurance of 11 outdoor advertising displays and 11 complexes for passengers of public transport. As for the advertising opportunities of the new displays: they will be placed the information on the work of public transport and announcements about the activities of the municipality, which will be printed free of charge by the supplier.

The structures will remain the property of GIROMEDIAS, it will provide them to the city for rent for the duration of the contract free of charge. In turn, the company has the opportunity to use new complexes for advertising and commercial purposes.