Duisburg took part in industrial festival ExtraSchicht

There is a cultural industrial event which is held regularly for 19 years and called ‘Nacht der Industriekultur’ in the Ruhr region. Former factory territories in different cities are reconstructed into unique areas and combined into a unified route. This time coal mines, blast workshops and industrial spaces became concert stages for performances of the artists who came from 24 cities of Germany.

In Duisburg ‘ExtraSchicht’ was held at four platforms. The park ‘Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord’ celebrated its 25th anniversary  within the framework of ‘Nacht der Industriekultur’. During the night over 27,000 people visited the park. In old factory buildings former miners and steel workers conducted excursions. Also there were poetry and jazz concerts.

In the bunkers of the park action theatre PAN.OPTIKUM performed some plays: 50 its artists told about ‘reality transformations’ through the dance, they show fascinating acrobatics and fire show with the background of original sound following.

The event ended with amazing fireworks in each platform.

Photo:  Facebook