Delegation from Lower Saxony Arrives in Perm

Representatives came to Perm to discuss cooperation in the framework of cultural exchange. The delegation included Lilli Bischoff, Chairman of the Community of Germans from Russia in Lower Saxony, Emanuel Kaufmann, Chairman of the Public Organization of Germans from Russia in the City of Giffhorn, and members of the Association of Germans from Russia in Lower Saxony. Some of the guests are not the first in Perm – they were born in the Perm Territory.

The delegation visited the administration. The guests were told about the socio-economic development of the city, preparations for the celebration of the 300th anniversary, the structure of Perm local authorities and international relations.

“Perm has six twin cities, our cities are connected by numerous international projects in the cultural, educational, social, sports, economic, social spheres,” says Lydia Koroleva, deputy head of the Perm administration. – Perm has strong cultural, interethnic and interfaith traditions, we are open to dialogue and ready to exchange experiences.

Foreign delegates noted the active development of the city, road infrastructure, the presence of a large number of green spaces, told their stories related to life in the Perm Territory.

At the meeting, the parties discussed work with public organizations, the activities of the interfaith advisory committee.

The agreement between the Russian Fellowship in Lower Saxony and the Perm regional public organization Widergeburt Society of Russian Germans (Renaissance) was signed in 2013. The first Russian German societies Vidergeburt in the Perm Territory arose in the autumn of 1990 in the cities of Solikamsk, Perm, Krasnokamsk, and Berezniki. In 2009, the public organization of the Germans in the city of Perm acquired regional status, united the centers around the region and received the name – Perm regional public organization “Society of Russian Germans“ Widergeburt ”. Among the organization’s priority goals and objectives are the study of the German language, history and culture of Russian Germans, the protection of their rights and interests, the preservation and popularization of German culture. Active work is underway to preserve the entire ethnocultural heritage of Russian Germans, to create and support clubs and amateur art groups, to hold concerts, national holidays, days of German culture, one of the important areas is the organization of classes for learning the German language, support for labor soldiers and pensioners. The activities of the Society are inextricably linked with the cultural rehabilitation of Russian Germans. The chairman of the company, Tatyana Laut, is a member of the council on interethnic and interfaith relations at the head of the city of Perm.

Photo: Pavel Vorobiev