“Peony Pavilion” was opened in Perm gymnasium in honor of the world day of Chinese language and culture

The authorities of the partner province of Jiangxi presented this construction to the Perm region. The pavilion is built of African wood and bronze. It was created by a team of builders from China who construct traditional Chinese architectural objects around the world. The installation took a month. The pavilion has a diameter of 2 meters and a height of 4 meters.

The stone at the base of the construction was laid on may 15 this year by representatives of the leadership of Jiangxi province and the Perm region.

As explained by the Director of the Gymnasium Lyudmila Sukhanova, this pavilion is not a gift to the gymnasium, but to the Perm region. And it is no accident that the authorities of the partner province of Jiangxi chose the gymnasium to place their gift to the Perm. “The gymnasium create events related to China and the Chinese culture. The delegations from China, sinologists from neighboring cities and regions come here,” Lyudmila Sukhanova said.

Info: Гимназия №2   

Photo:  Yuriy Utkin