Perm and Duisburg engage young people in urban development

Young people are being encouraged to participate in the life of local communities in a joint project between Perm and Duisburg. It was launched in June in the German town of Düren at the Youth Forum “City on the Move: Your Project Matters” attended by over 60 young people from Russia and Germany.

A joint Duisburg-Perm team took part and developed the project “Change your environment – change yourself”, which aims to engage young people in local government. The team’s main concept is that joint efforts even if small-scale – can have significant results. The project involves waste collection events and improvement of the city’s green spaces, and the young participants are being supported by Perm’s and Duisburg’s administrative organisations.

In October, the Perm team members, together with student groups, spent a Saturday in the Zarechny district and similar events were held in Duisburg.

In December, a photographic exhibition called Change your environmentChange yourselfwill be held across variouslocations in both sister cities. Next spring will see the team have its second outing to clean up and renovate problem areasby creating lawns and flowerbeds. Following that the young people will hold Skype sessions on environmental issues affecting the cities.