Perm to be given New Year trees from twin cities

The international project “Friendship begins with a New Year tree” has launched at Perm’s Palace of Children’s Creativity with schoolchildren from Perm and its sister cities are taking part. The children plan to exchange homemade greeting cards and festivetree toys in their national styles, and the project will culminate in an exhibition of decorated trees from the twin cities to be held in Perm in the winter.

In September this year children from Perm sent letters to the twin cities suggesting they exchange seasonal greetings. This autumn, master classes are being held in the Palace and in schools across the city where children will create over a hundred postcards featuring iconic symbols of Perm as well as making festive decorations to send in parcels to Perm’s six twin cities. The first toys for the Permchildren have already arrived from Louisville in the United States.

All the toys presented to Perm will be displayed in an exhibition and used to decorate the festive trees fromthe twin cities. This exhibition will be accompanied by an interactive educational and entertainmentprogramme for schoolchildren and will run for two months at the Palace of Children’s Creativity. Visitors will have a chance to learn about the history, culture and sights of the twin cities and play traditional seasonal games from different countries.

A few years ago, children at the Palace sent handmade festive toys to Louisville and Duisburg, where the concept of twin town festive trees is a long-standing tradition. The Palace’s young artistsalso have friendship links with the children ofQingdao in China, and in 2019 works by children from Perm were included in two art exhibitions there.