Qingdao discusses the future of industrial parks

In late October a conference on innovation and development was held in the Jimo District of Qingdao . Discussions centered around district development plans, including the marine economy, rural revival, and cultural tourism. The conference brought together more than 400 local and foreign guests. Most of the participants are entrepreneurs and scientists, among whom many in the past themselves are Qingdao citizens who moved to live in the capital of China. A separate topic was a discussion of the prospects of industrial parks.

Today in Qingdao there are more than 40 industrial parks in various industrial areas. All of them were located on the territory of Jimo, which since 1992 acquired the status of a zone of economic development and transformed during this time into the central business district. The volume of investments in the construction of Jimo’s infrastructure amounted to more than $ 4 billion.

By 2016, the total cost of industrial production in the region reached $ 3 billion, the number of employees – more than 60 thousand people. According to the results of the first half of 2019, Jimo’s GDP exceeded $ 10 billion, 138 projects have already been agreed on the development of new industries, the marine industry and tourism. More than forty Fortune Global companies have invested in Jimo.

Fortune Global is the ranking of the 500 largest world companies, and the criterion for its compilation is income. The list is compiled and published annually by Fortune Magazine.

Nowadays, several areas of activity of industrial parks have been formed: the production of cars and accessories, electronic devices, textiles and clothing, healthcare, information confidentiality, artificial intelligence.

The production base of the largest Chinese automobile manufacturer FAW-Volkswagen and the base of commercial vehicles of the company FAW operate here, a multimodal international four-in-one logistics center for all types of cargo transportation operates. There was launched the international trade center, it’s mainly focused on the children’s clothing industry. Jimo Science and Technology Industrial Park is developing the high-tech biomedical industry. Here in April this year, the world’s largest manufacturer of helicopters Airbus Helicopters launched its first non-European final assembly line for H135 helicopters.

At the conference, Communist Party Secretary Jimo Zhang Jun emphasized the region’s special role in Qingdao’s economic development. The district government will continue to support the development of the business environment and build an investment promotion system. Following the results of two days of the conference 32 contracts were signed, the most significant of which is the project of a techno-park from the Chinese technology giant Huawei.