The digitalization helps simplify car parking in Duisburg

The authorities of Duisburg announced new opportunities for motorists. The city began a partnership with Smart Parking. It is an aggregator that manages digital parking applications in more than a hundred municipalities in Germany and Austria. It connects city parking customers with mobile phone application providers. Thanks to Smart Parking, seven mobile apps are now available to motorists, previously – one.

Parkomats also continue to function on the streets of the city. They also disseminate information about new features and instructions for mobile parking. Now the car driver can find a free place, and then pay for parking at all 120 city parking lots through the application, as well as a phone call or SMS. Provider services vary in function and price. All applications are paid.

“With Smart Parking, we are implementing yet another aspect of the Digital Duisburg master plan and creating a convenient, flexible and digital offering for citizens and visitors,” says Lord Mayor Soren Link. Digital parking payment systems should save the city’s expenses in the long run, as this will partially abandon the labor-intensive processing of cash from parking meters.

The client can only use the application to stop or extend the parking time as necessary. This eliminates overpayment, as well as fines due to expired coupons left under the windshields – as can happen in case of payment through the parking meter. However, using digital parking offers will cost motorists more than receiving an analog parking ticket.

If compared with Perm experience, then in the central streets paid city parking was launched in 2016. Townspeople can pay for parking at the parking meter, through a special website, mobile application or via SMS. For regular users subscription is provided. After paying for the parking space, data on the car and its license plate number are entered into the system, and a penalty is issued to car owners – non-payers. All functions of the mobile application are free.