An exhibition of Christmas trees of twin cities has opened in Perm

The exhibition was the result of the international project “Friendship Starts with the New Year Tree.” First, Perm schoolchildren sent their peers to all twin cities an offer to exchange congratulations. They prepared more than a hundred postcards, where they talked about their hometown and Russian traditions of the meeting of the New Family and Christmas. Then the return packages began to come. New Year’s toys and crafts from different countries became the basis for the exhibition, which is now taking place in the Palace of Children’s Creativity.

There are miniature wooden heroes of “Alice in Wonderland” from Oxford, souvenirs from the Kentucky Derby Horse Racing Museum from Louisville, Chinese toys in the traditional Jianzhi technique classified by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

The exhibition hosts tours of history and culture, national traditions of the meeting of Christmas and New Year of twin cities. Perm schoolchildren are invited to the palace for informative game programs “Friendship Starts with the New Year Tree”. The exhibition will run until the end of January next year.
As Tatyana Grigoryeva, head of the department of international and inter-municipal relations of the Perm city administration shared: “Such friendly relations between ordinary residents, between the children of our twin cities contribute to maintaining favorable relations between countries and states, because the universal values ​​of people are the same.”