24-hour medical supervision in Qingdao

Extraordinary security measures are being taken in Qingdao in relation to the dissemination of the coronavirus in China. The city has a headquarters for the prevention and the fight against the epidemic. The situation is stable, but even here there were three viral outbreaks in families returning from Wuhan after the holidays.

Now, checkpoints have been set up on the way into town. The personnel of Urban Transport Service, Public Security Division and Health Department work here: they carry out around-the-clock disease prevention and temperature monitoring. Drones are used for disinfection in all districts of the city. One drone can carry and spread about 10 kg of disinfectant over an area of 5 thousand square meters. The authorities urge city residents to avoid crowded public places.

More than 90% of industrial companies in Qingdao resumed their operations after the holidays connected with Chinese New Year (Spring Fest). Local authorities stated that extensive measures had been taken to prevent and control office space, factories, workshops, restaurants and cafes, scheduled service buses and dormitories. In addition to sanitary safety training for employees, urban enterprises are provided with a supply of essential anti-epidemic medical supplies.

Most of the premises of large enterprises are disinfected four times a day, and their employees are required to wear masks constantly as well as monitor their body temperature twice a day.

To reduce personal contacts, the city authorities introduced new online channels through which legal persons coordinate the necessary documents with the city administration.

Foreign Affairs Office of the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government has launched 24-hour hotlines for all issues related to the spread of the coronavirus. These hotlines provide assistance and relevant information in eight languages, including English,Japanese, Korean, Thai, German, French, Russian, and Spanish.

In February, Qingdao City Library opened free virtual museum tours. The purpose of such online exhibitions is to help city residents overcome boredom and highly probable stress of the difficult situation in the country. These virtual tours are built in the form of 3D reconstruction.

Inspirational inscriptions shine on skyscrapers every evening in Fushan Bay – calls for solidarity and unity with Wuhan, which has become the epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: https://m.facebook.com/qingdaocity/