What measures Italian authorities are implementing to fight COVID-19

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that from March 10, the restrictive measures have been imposed throughout the country in connection with the spread of the coronavirus disease. From now on until April 3, the whole country is a protected area.

Educational and cultural institutions are closed, entertainment facilities do not work, including discos and gambling halls. All secular and religious ceremonies are prohibited. Bars and restaurants must stop at 6 p.m., and during working hours all their visitors are required to maintain a distance between one another.

The curfew has been introduced in Agrigento: only shops and pharmacies continue to work, all open-air markets are closed. The violation of quarantine restrictions is considered to be a criminal offense. Due to an emergency, Mayor of Agrigento Lillo Firetto canceled the 75th annual Almond Blossom Festival (Mandorlo in Flore).

The authorities urge city residents to limit any travel. Police work in the city streets: in this regard, over 1,200 cars were checked in 24 hours as well as 250 passers-by were interviewed. Police check the reasons why people move throughout the city.

According to local media reports, there are fewer passers-by on the embankment and city streets. The number of people shopping in small local stores has clearly increased but there is no panic buying. People stock up on food keeping a safe distance from each other. The owners of many shops marked the entrance and exit paths and also indicated the distance that must be observed in the check-out line: clearly visible “waiting” boundary lines are applied to the floor. Many city residents prefer to cover their faces with masks or simply with just shawls and scarves.

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Photo: agrigentonotizie.it