Oxford addresses twin cities with words of support

An official letter came to Perm from the British twin city of Oxford, in which the City Council addresses the twin cities with words of support and talks about the measures that are being taken these days.

Dear Twin City friends,

Sending best wishes during this unprecedented period of challenge and uncertainty. It has been very helpful to hear how you are responding to the needs of your city during this crisis.

I previously sent details about our 5 new Locality Resource Hubs, set up at pace together with Oxford Hub.  To update you, these are proving an invaluable tool to help our most vulnerable residents and those who are self-isolating and in need of help.  The council has modified the way its Contact Centre will operate to support people during the coronavirus crisis.  We now have a single point of contact for residents to request any support they may require to access food bank support, additional support to collect medicines during peak times for pharmacies, and to find support to cope with potential mental health impacts as a result of feeling isolated.

You can see a short video about the hubs here:  short video of our locality hubs

The partnership we have with Oxford Together has seen 4000 people volunteer to help their local community.

While we look at meeting our local challenges, it is also so helpful to learn and share from each other and strengthen our commitment to friendship and solidarity during these difficult times.

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/the.university.of.oxford/