Easing of lockdown measures gathers pace

Following the fall in COVID-19 infection numbers, many countries are gradually coming out of self-isolation. All of Perm’s twin cities are now at different stages of exiting lockdown measures. They are to be envied.

Despite Russia having the highest number of infections after the US, the President announced a gradual easing of the lockdown from 13 May. However, the final decision on the exit from lockdown measures lies with the regional heads of government.

In Perm walks with children, exercise and work in small workplaces in trade and services are all allowed. Social distancing of 1.5 metres is to be observed and the use of personal protection is compulsory. The Ministry of Health continues to recommend that people do not leave home and that they avoid social contact.

For Permians, two more stages of exit from lockdown lie ahead. Firstly, work in educational institutions and facilities with large spaces, and exercise with family members will be permitted. Then all parks and squares will be opened, and all enterprises in trade and services will return to work, and cafes, restaurants and hotels will open.

The US has seen lockdown measures intensified due to COVID-19 infection levels in the country being particularly high. People who have been in contact with anyone infected are banned from leaving their house for several days. Strict control measures have been brought in for those who refuse to quarantine in Louisville, Kentucky. Those breaking lockdown are being given ankle monitors which transmit data giving the person’s location.

In Quingdao large enterprises have been back at work for some time. However, the pandemic has caused operational problems for a number of organizations. The authorities have introduced a variety of measures to combat further outbreaks including checks at ports and controls on imported goods.

The Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport has allowed citizens to return from abroad since 27 March as long as they self-isolate for two weeks. Residents no longer need to self-isolate and work is now permitted. In Agrigento the last case of coronavirus was registered on 10 April, according to official data. Over the whole period of the pandemic there were 116 cases of the virus in Sicily. Italy still has a strict monitoring regime for entry to the country.

In Amnéville the healthcare emergency is similar to that in the rest of the country with no exit from lockdown before 24 July. Residents are still having to wear protective equipment and observe lockdown rules. However self-isolation is mandatory only for those coming into France.

In Great Britain some lockdown rules began to be eased on 20 May. Now, residents in Oxford and the rest of the UK are able to meet up with friends outside their home if they observe the 2-metre social distancing rule, but only with one person at a time. This means that groups of friends or relatives still cannot meet up even if they observe social distancing. Oxford’s residents can travel around England but are not allowed to visit Wales or Scotland. Sport is permitted outdoors, but you can only train at home in Northern Ireland. The government says that meetings with relatives and spending time outdoors with family and friends will soon be permitted.

Duisburg is following similar measures to Britain. In Germany, residents are allowed to meet up with two people outside the home as long as they stay 2 metres apart. Walking and sport are permitted. However, regional authorities are carefully monitoring the number of contacts with COVID-19. People who have been in contact with anyone infected have to go into self-isolation and avoid any contact. Those who display symptom of coronavirus, should self-isolate.