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Oxford introduced one-way pavements to help pedestrians maintain social distancing.

On June 15, Oxford shops and businesses reopened. Oxford City Council introduced a raft of new measures to help people maintain social distancing. All of this work is being carried out to ensure Oxford is as safe as possible for shops and businesses to reopen.

New signs and stencils help inform people of the changes. City Council stewards patrol the busiest streets in Oxford city centre to manage the crowds during the daytime and provide help to people in need. In public areas, an upgraded cleaning regime is organised; mandatory hand disinfection devices appeared, as well as hand washing in Market Street toilets and in Gloucester Green shopping centres.

The most unusual change in the infrastructure of Oxford was the introduction of one-way pavements on the busiest streets in the city centre to help people maintain social distancing. Such one-way pedestrian flow system has been installed on the busiest pavements in Oxford city centre: Magdalen Street, Broad Street, Cornmarket Street, etc.

The one-way pedestrian flow system aims to act as a guideline to enable shoppers to maintain social distancing in Oxford’s busiest streets. Oxford City Council hope people will respect the one-way system to protect themselves and those around them. Сегодня в городе размещено уже около 2500 трафаретов, обозначающих направление движения на пешеходных дорогах. The pedestrian flow system has been temporarily marked on the pavements using stencils. About 2,500 markings have been applied to the pavements across Oxford.