Vacation in a Tent

Authorities gradually allow tourist trips. But there are still many restrictions.

In most countries of the world, life after the coronavirus is gradually returning to normal, but the tourism industry will be one of the last to recover. Despite a tenuous easing of travel restrictions, people are afraid of going on vacation, and some simply do not have enough money.
In Perm, the main news for tourism came from the water – Perm authorities allowed river cruises.

Airlines also resume flights to resorts in Sochi and Crimea. The bravest tourists are already sunbathing on the beaches. For maintaining social distance, travel agencies offer a new vacation option – ‘life in a tent’. Previously, this type of recreation was used only by holidaymakers with no advance booking of accommodation, but experts believe that this summer ‘vacation in a tent’ will become quite popular. In addition, this option is cheaper than hotel accommodation, and in economic crisis, costs are becoming an increasingly important factor.
As for trips abroad, Perm agencies are waiting for news from Turkey. Talks about resuming flights from Russia to Turkey are under way. According to experts, many tourists will prefer that country to the Russian south – the level of service and prices are not in favor of Russian resorts.
In our Italian twin-city Agrigento, the situation is optimistic – there are only 2 people with confirmed COVID-19 and several people under quarantine who have tested negative for the coronavirus. Tourism is gradually coming to life, Agrigento city administration organised a “free week” in the famous Valley of the Temples: after a three-month break, the Valley was reopened and the entrance was free for a week, up to 500 people could visit the attraction daily. Since July 1, residents of Agrigento are ready to receive tourists from other regions.
Amnéville, like the whole of France, does not wait for tourists yet; entry into the country is allowed only for a limited list of people. The authorities remind that it is still necessary to comply with sanitary measures, they advise working remotely. Perhaps in the near future France will open the borders for tourists, but so far, the focus will be on the return of the usual rhythm of life within the country.