Cities are against racism

Black lives matter slogan has become extremely popular among global social networks. People in Oxford are going to tear down the statue of a politician, and the citizens of Duisburg are organizing mass protests.

The racial issue has become the reason of the huge protestation all over the world. Some people just go out to protest, while the others are facing nationalism right now. \

It would be better to begin speaking about Louisville, because the USA was the first country where racial riots began. According to the online newspaper “The Washington Post” 44 people died during the protests.

The city of Duisburg and actually the whole Germany held a nationwide demonstration against racism and police violence a week after the death of George Floyd. Let us recall that Floyd was cruelly killed by the police in Minneapolis in May 2020. The Duisburg’s newspaper “Waz” tells us that racial discrimination is a global problem, and every country should undertake measures to solve it. The city’s government has decided to join European coalition against racism, says “Wir-zind-du”.

Floyd’s death caused a range of protests in France as well. However, Amneville decided to stay away from this. The racial questions in France are dealt with on the governmental level. The president of France Emmanuel Macron promised to be unyielding against racial discrimination, “France 24” reports. Nevertheless, the president insists on leaving alone the statues of the figures of the columnist era in France.

The racial event in the USA didn’t entail an active feedback among Russians. That is why there weren’t any street protests in Perm. But many Perm citizens supported world actions against xenophobia by posting information about George Floyd’s death. “Black Lives Matter” hashtag has become the headline for a plenty of publications. We need to understand that the problem of discrimination exists not only in the USA, but all over the world, and in Russia, too. “BBC News” published a text about racism in Russia “You were born black, and there are people who are not okay with this” to prove that.

Oxford College is going to remove the Cecil Rhodes statue in a sign of struggling against racism. While this issue is being solved on the municipal level, the citizens of Oxford are holding protests at Oriel College square. The activists consider that removing the statue is not enough, and more measures would be required to support people of ethnic and racial minorities.

Qingdao is one of the Chinese cities which had to deport Americans who had insulted the country and its citizenry. The Americans waiting at the COVID-19 prevention point in China organized a riot, however, they apologized in writing for what they had done. Later, Qingdao’s government recognized some weird patterns on the letters of apology instead of the signatures. The patterns denoted the kneeling slave of the Qing dynasty. “Shandong Qingdao” reported that this symbol is often used for humiliation of the Chinese by racists.

The incident in Agrigento showed that the racial discrimination is not only USA’s problem, but it affects people everywhere. The journalists from “Wired” took a video of a policeman from Agrigento giving a slap in the face of a black man. The essence of what is happening doesn’t differ a lot from the incident in Minneapolis. Firing a policeman doesn’t actually resolve the issue. That is why the Italian activists of “Black Lives Matter” think the most effective weapon in the fight against racial questions is a video camera, which can document what is going on.