English-Russian translation competition attracts over 300 students

The third regional English-Russian translation competition took place in Perm to mark the 25th anniversary of its twinning with Oxford. The regional translation competition has given Perm readers an opportunity to become familiar with modern English literature not yet published in Russian.

The competition involved 337 people from 54 schools, five higher education establishments and four technical colleges from Perm Kray. School students and students from higher education establishments who were both language specialists and non-language specialists, were presented with three texts by modern English authors who until now had not been translated into Russian: The Day you lost her by Julia Darling, Reach, by Rachel Seiffert and Headlong by Michael Frayn. The extracts were selected by Oxford Professor, Karen Hewitt.

After careful deliberation to choose the best translations, the jury came to a collective decision. There were 43 winners and runners up.

Anastasia Mastyukova, a student in the fourth year at the Perm Culture Institute, said she had been taking part in translation competitions for many years. “I once translated a poem from Russian into English – something which is really challenging, but it turned out well.” In the last competition there were very interesting texts, I entered work in two categories, added Anastasia Mastyukova.