Work on the Tercentennial

The 300th anniversary of Perm is two years away. It has been decided which key projects should be completed by the anniversary and costs have been worked out.

In 2023, Perm will mark its three-hundred year anniversary. 4 May 1723 is considered to be the date when the city was founded. This is the day when building began on the copper smelting works on the river Yegoshikha, around which a settlement grew which eventually became Perm.

Such anniversaries are usually used by Russian cities to obtain extra funding from the federal budget and to build something really important and large-scale. Projects to mark this important event and the financing of these were discussed at a meeting in Perm chaired by Vice-Premier of the Russian government, Dmitry Chernyshenko. “We are heading for the finish line, so the federal government needs to help the Governor make the vision a reality,” emphasised Dmitry Chernyshenko.

He remarked that the principal measure of success should be the response of citizens and how much they notice an improvement in quality of life. Careful thought needs to be given to the location of the celebrations, which will continue throughout the whole of 2023. The climax will be Russia Day on 12th June.

The investment required to complete the 150 projects to mark Perm’s 300th anniversary is estimated to be about 198.5 billion roubles. These include large infrastructure such as a new opera and ballet theatre, an art gallery building and projects to improve squares and parks and to reconstruct roads etc.

“Perm-2” and  Ulitsa Stroyitelyey

There are plans to develop a new business hub for Perm on the site of the former goods yard and adjoining areas. It will be centred on the Perm-2 rail station. Planning for the project is due to be completed this year, and then construction will begin.

A 10,500-seat concert and sports complex is to be constructed on the goods yard site, and there are plans to build business infrastructure facilities. The authorities plan to attract private investors for these.  Next to the rail station will be a hotel, and there will be a new residential complex to replace the dilapidated two-storey houses.

High-speed above-ground rail

A network of rail routes will link the residential areas of Perm on the left and right banks of the Kama. The cost of the high-speed above-ground rail line will be 27.5 billion roubles.

Gallery – yes, zoo – no

The Perm art gallery building and the restoration of the historic façade of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration promise to be landmark cultural projects for the city. The cost of this will be 5.2 billion roubles.

The square behind the Cathedral where the zoo is currently located, is to be made into an area for residents and visitors to walk. Construction of a new zoo was not mentioned in the presentation.

Shpagin Factory Site

A local museum will be sited in the Shpagin Factory social and cultural area next to the Perm Art Gallery (to be built in 2022), as well as a multimedia centre (2023). Coworking offices and shopping areas are also planned for the site.

Opera theatre

Dmitry Makhonin, Perm’s Regional Governor, said the planned building of the new Tchaikovsky Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre   was “one of the most expensive projects, construction of which will obviously not be completed by 2023.” The site is now set to cover 30,000m2 instead of 50,000 m2, and the cost is 15 billion roubles. The exterior will still look the same as in the previous plans. The Opera Theatre will be built by 2025.


The Perm Kray authorities are hoping to complete the reconstruction of the “Bolshoye Savino” airport as part of the 300-year anniversary of Perm. However, the second stage could stretch to 2025-2030. The taxiways, light signalling equipment and fencing all need reconstruction, and aviation safety requirements must be met.