“Town to town”  is an information portal bringing together professionals and active citizens of Perm, Amnéville-les-Thermes (France), Louisville (USA), Oxford (UK), Duisburg (Germany), Agrigento (Italy) and the partner city Qingdao (China).

Our towns are located in different countries and vary in their population and area, but we are certain we have much in common. The idea of the portal is to find such common topics for publication, to talk about interesting experiences concerning the development of the different towns, about joint projects and important cultural and public events etc.

By telling people about people, comparing their history and their lifestyles, we will be looking for things which unite us. Through interesting news stories, the replication of successful technologies in the development of the respective local areas, the exchange of experiences amongst professionals and “people’s diplomacy”, we aim to strengthen links between the towns’ local communities.

In launching this project, we are setting up a “network” of interested authors, journalists, activists and representatives of professional communities as well as those leading social change in the various towns. The site’s authors publish news and articles, working with competent experts in various fields giving them the opportunity to express their opinion.

All the information on the site is published in English and in Russian.

If you are interested in collaborating please contact us via stimul-prm@yandex.ru.

We hope that our portal will become a platform for communication and networking between local communities in Perm’s partner towns.

The project organisers are the “Stimul’” ANO “Centre for Social Project Implementation”. (Autonomous non-commercial organisation)

Translators: Christine Richardson and Michael Dinges